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OneWebDay: The Internet is More Than a Distraction

By Christina Edwards

I’ve been told by many people, my parents, teachers, and other respected adults, that the Internet is making my generation lazy. The Internet is cutting out face-to-face contact. Instead making the effort to pick up the phone, or meet someone face to face, ‘us kids’ just send an email; it’s impersonal. We use Wikipedia and Google instead of physically going the library. We’re limiting our interaction with the world by not physically going out in it. 
I strongly beg to differ.

In fact, for me, the Internet has strengthened friendships by allowing easy contact; I can’t use the excuse of being too busy to stay in touch with friends from high school because it takes two minutes to check Facebook and leave a few messages. Without internet access, it would be so easy to get caught up in the entire new world college places you in; sometimes, it’s nice to have that instant connection to the familiar. It would not be possible with a heavy class workload and an abundance of extracurriculars to sit down and call my mom for an hour everyday. An email lets her know what is going on and allows us to communicate on both of our busy schedules. Using the Internet is not about avoiding communication. It’s about wishing to sustain it.

I also feel that access to the Internet has opened me up to parts of the world I otherwise would be left out of. I’m heavily interested in theatre. I live 14 hours from New York City and the entire Broadway scene. Youtube clips introduce me to shows; online websites keep me informed and open me to other opinions. As a result, I’ve been able to cultivate an interest that has become a huge part of who I am: I’m the girl who can tell you anything about musical theatre in the past two decades and someday would like to combine my love of writing with the my love for theatre.

The internet doesn’t take my generation out of the physical world. It fully immerses us in it.

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