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Jonathan Alter Speaks at Elon University on Presidential Election

Alter Weighs in on Education Issues, Presidential Race for Elon Students

By Christina Edwards

October 1, 2008

With 34 days until the election, Newsweek co-editor Jonathan Alter says the “lipstick on a pig phase” of attacks and distractions on the campaign trail is over, making way for the serious issues to rise to the forefront.

Alter visited Elon University on September 29, participating in a speech and a question-and-answer session on politics and the current presidential campaign. A highlight of the day’s events was his remark concerning education, spurned from his recent column “Obama’s No Brainer on Education.”

“It’s similar to the only Nixon could go to China theory,” said Alter. “Only Obama could go to the unions and say you must change.”

Alter told the crowd in Whitley Auditorium on Monday that the fundamental flaw in the education system was the teachers’ union.

“The Republicans are ahead of the Democrats in making sure there is held accountability, but getting rid of a bad teacher is impossible,” said Alter. “Unions led education off a cliff.”

Alter went onto say that a system is need to hold teachers accountable, and called President Bush’s No Child Left Behind legislation one of the best of his administration.

In this election, however, Alter still says Obama has education right.

“Obama’s talked about differential pay, or merit pay, and moving toward accountability,”Alter said.

Alter also answered questions on the state of the election process, Sarah Palin and women voters, and the possible surge of young voters.

“The most important requirement for the next president is who can best restore American leadership and prestige,” Alter said.

Read Alter’s blog on the Huffington Post

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